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Katrina's Kids

Survivors Only

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These pages are restricted only to pregnant women and families with children who actually survived Hurricane Katrina.

For Survivors Only

This area is for registered members only.  It is meant to be a safe place for families to come to support each other, post questions or issues that only survivors of Hurricane Katrina can address, raise concerns or alarms, or just to vent and find companionship during this tough time.


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Share your photos.

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Register free for pages dedicated to your needs alone, where only others who are going through similar experiences (or who have in the past) can enter into a conversation with you.
You will register to prevent nosy intruders and other busybodies from invading your space as you voice your opinions, look for help, and try to cope.
Feel free to register now and come back as often as you wish.

Private Survivor Message Boards

Hang in there...We love you.

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