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Katrina's Kids

Recent and Upcoming Events
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Here in our part of Illinois (called the Metro East - within view of the St. Louis arch), different civic groups, churches and small businesses are planning drives and fundraising campaigns. 
I'm sure your towns are, too.  Please keep us posted.

Recent Events

Our Anheuser-Busch, located right here across the river, was a powerhouse donor of water...Thank you so much, although we wish it had gotten to some of the babies sooner...

Our local DOBBS Auto donated $5,000.  Thank you!
We're expecting other local businesses to send money and supplies soon.

Upcoming Events

Please send in news of your Hurricane Katrina-related events, writing LOCAL EVENT in the subject line of your e-mail:

Thank you for your efforts to help!

Please send in photos of your past events, along with any special success stories!

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

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