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Katrina's Kids

Getting Involved
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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we will give you a lot of options.  We all can help in some way.  No way is too small.


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Volunteer Your Time

I'll update with links soon, but please just open your phone book to the Salvation Army, your local church, synagogue or mosque, the local Red Cross chapter (you can find that by entering your zip code at, or by asking around.

Buy an extra pack of diapers...donate your child's outgrown clothes...wipe off that gently-used bassinett and send it on...

There's so much you can do right now!  We hear some Girl Scout troop is selling hemp bracelets to raise money.  Churches are sponsoring families.  Find what fits with your personality and schedule.

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Make a Donation

Be careful with donating to just any organization.  It is completely detestable, but there are people who feed off tragedy,
The only places we recommend you donate cash is to:
  1. The American Red Cross at or 1-800-HELP-NOW;
  2. The Salvation Army (Look in your phonebook);
  3. Wal-Mart, or other established businesses; and/or
  4. Your local religious organization THAT HAS A PLAN.

Even $1.00 Helps. 

Some of us are also living with barely any income.  Think about if you were in that situation, however. 
Share your bread: Give $1.00 of the $10.00 in your pocket.  You know you'll get it back a thousandfold some day...

Copyright 2005, Mrs. JV Davenport